Rolling 12month Profit/Loss.
Portfolio 2016-2017

Note that as of 24th September 2016 this site has been closed.

The Portfolio

The Portfolio varies from year to year, this year it is just following two differing approaches on National Hunt racing giving win and each way bets. Other years we may see flat bets and also lays in operation.


BBOD (Best Bet of the day) are bets that are a subset of the main Portfolio, for people who do not want to, or do not have time to follow all of the Portfolio tips. This system tries to extract higher rated selections with a better strike rate, and whilst the yearly profit totals may be lower than that of the Portfolio, the aim is to achieve a higher POI


This approach aims to provide bets for the big race meetings through the year based on 10 year trends.

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Free Horse Racing System Tips

This is a horse race tipping site with a difference in that the losses are acknowledged and publicised as much as the profits. Losing months can and do occur and you need to be prepared for them and stake allowing for them knowing that the racing tips over all do provide long term profit. This is the key point, any tipster can have a a good month or two but it is what happens over the extended period that counts.

To start making a long term profit on horse racing you need to bet with control and discipline and with a strategy that aligns to the selection criteria and strike rates. You can achieve this if you follow the free horse racing tips and staking plan provided by my portfolio of systems.

The big question is how do you assess any site or service? Looking at the figures below you see that 2014-2015 was a poor year losing 2649, so it is easy to think it is a bad losing system and best avoided, however profits over two years (2013-2015) are at +4871, so is it bad really? It is a hypothetical question really as only hindsight will show. (Whichever site you look at firstly make sure you can verify their results - all of my results are proofed to Racing Index). The main thing for me is to focus on addressing what did not work in the losing year and try to avoid those pitfalls. At the same time I am working to adapt the systems based on user feedback to make the systems more user friendly so the new year of 2015-2016 will see far fewer selections, and mainly NH bets.

Previous years results summary to prices taken are shown in the table below. Note that for the Portfolio and BBOD I run each betting year from April 1st. So for the current year (listed at the top) the profits/loss will be from April 1st. For the Festivals the year is done on the calendar year only.

Year BBOD (1pt=£1) Portfolio (1pt=£1) Festival (1pt=£5)
2016-2017 +516.32 (24/09/16) +1791.09 (24/09/16) +£109.79 (24/09/16)
2015-2016 +160.87 +5209.68 +£175.90
2014-2015 -1308.18 -2649 -£318.75
2013-2014 +5485 48% POI +7520 4% POI +£416.37
2012-2013 +74.95 -4879 +£336.35
2011-2012 -401.45 +489 -£1190
2010-2011 -850.22 +1652 +£1545
2009-2010 Not Run +1085 Not Run
2008-2009 Not Run +2318 Not Run
2007-2008 Not Run +1135 Not Run

About PBS

For the early part of the 2016-2017 Portfolio Year this site well be run as a free access site (with controlled login). All services are provided on a best efforts basis and are not guaranteed

As it is a free site there are no service level agreements with regard to responses or acknowledgements. Contact can be made via the email addresses under the contact us tab.

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Proofed Results

All of the tips posted on this site are proofed to Racing Index under three different proofing ids one for the Portfolio, one for BBOD and one for Festivals. When on any specific page on the site for the three systems above clicking on the RI icon will take you to the results for that system. Clicking on the icon below will take you to the main Portfolio proofed results. results proofed to racing index

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